How to Use Internet on BlackBerry without BIS Plan

Yes, you read it right. You can use Internet in your BlackBerry without paying for BlackBerry InternetService charges. Its not illegal method or any hack. Instead of paying Rs. 399/- per month(plan of various indian mobile companies), you can use Normal Internet Plan i.e. Rs.98 for Airtel, Rs.96 for Vodafone, etc. This will save your money but it has some demerits as well. If you are a Hardcore BB user or you use blackberry for business purpose then this tutorial is NOT for you.

When I started writing this post, I didn’t have screenshot app in my BB and BIS plan wasn’t active. I opened BBAppWorld and downloaded the app. Conclusion- we can use BBAppWorld without BIS plan :)

It works with All BlackBerry Handsets. Works well with Bolt Browser, Opera Mini, BB App World, Snaptu, UberTwitter, FaceChat, Navita Translator, Foursquare, BloomBerg,, WordPress and Many more Apps


  • Active Internet Plan
  • BB (obviously :P )


  • Go to Menu > options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP
  • Open it and write APN

  1. Airtel –
  2. Vodafone – www / portalnmms / web (any 1)
  3. Idea – internet
  4. BSNL – celloneportal
  5. MTNL – mmsmtnlmum / gprsmtnlmum
  • If you didnt see APN for your Mobile Company / Country. Here’s the Complete List of APN(Wordwide)

You CAN NOT access

  • BlackBerry Browser
  • BlackBerry Email
  • Twitter for Blackberry
  • Facebook for Blackberry
  • BB Messenger and those apps which are made by RIM BlackBerry.

So, If you want to use These Apps. you have to pay forBIS Planwhich is 4x costlier 😉

Update: WhatsApp may work on some devices, try installing and using it over WiFi. For more tech articled, head over to my new blog WideFide. Here’s the Video tutorial, subscribe @ WideFide’s Youtube Channel.

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  • Anil Sardiwal


  • Amitjain

    Hi I have applied these settings but still not able to use internet with basic GPRS internet plan. May be because I am trying to access using BB browser. But how do I install some other browser in to my BB without internet.. Kindly help

    • Anil Sardiwal

      Kindly note that BB Browser(and almost all apps developed by RIM) need blackberry internet service activated on the device. so try using basic data plan in BOLT or OPERA.. BBAppWorld works well without BIS plan on my mobile. 

      • Gaurav Garg

        Hi Anil, I am facing same problem too. I have set up everything as u suggested APN etc. After doing this i m not able to connect to internet through BB browser, since i dont have any other browser installed and net is also not working how can i use other browser.

        • Anil

          You can always use Blackberry AppWorld without BIS plan but if you are using the BBAppWorld for the first time, it won’t work. At first, you need to activate BIS Plan either for a day, week, or for a month :)

          • Vejuvej

            Hey , Anil , im using 8900 curve with vodafone 99 gprs plan, my browser works great , but im not able to connet my applications like yahoo messnger, nimbuzz etc… wich i already installed to my BB

          • avinash khetpal

            hi anil..i have BB Bold 9780 n im using 299BIS plan. how can i access
            other internet features without getting 599BIS plan. plz plz help

          • Anil

            Same process is to be followed :) check out ur apn and write in tcp/ip
            Sent from my iPad

          • Manojdestination

            Hi Anil,

            I am using 8520 with BIS 299, how to access twitter and facebook & BB apps , plz do mail me

          • Anil

            using this app, you can’t access any of the apps developed by BB. try finding out the alternatives…

          • Manojdestination

            plz do post the alternatives, i have downloaded the opera, but how to transfer this to my 8520 . 

          • Anil

            transfer that file in miniSD and install using file manager

          • Pratyush125

            I hav blackberry curve 3G 9300

            i did the followin settings and i m frm west dont noe the proper apn…
            After setting ipn as celloneportal,bsnlnet,bsnllive .When i open opera it shws installing nd says   check ur internet settings

          • Anil

            The I think that you should contact the customer care service, they will provide you the right APN

          • Manojdestination

            Hi Anil,

            I am using 8520 with BIS 299, how to access twitter and facebook & BB apps , plz do mail me

  • Smeet Bhatt

    Hey, great post. I am using BB 9300 Curve since last 2 months and have subscribed to BIS. But I really don’t care about BBM or BB Mail feature as well. All I need is Twitter, Bloomberg and casual net surfing. I tried the above mentioned way. But, seems that net surfing is too slow, coz it wouldn’t use ‘EDGE’ network. Anyway of going around this?

    • Anil

      Replied you on twitter buddy,

      • GPS

        Nice post Anil but I tried these settings on my BB Storm 9530 but still not able to access internet using non BB browser (Verizon Navigator). Is there a way to check whether GPRS is activated or not.
        Thanks in adv 

        • Anil

          Try opera or bolt browser.
          You can check whether internet is available, in options>mobile network> option> ping

          I hope it helped you :)

  • Ashishgarg9090

    oh gr8 post…………….like it………………thnuuu very muchh

  • Chayantheone

    plz tell me its works on bb 8520 curve…………… plz mail me the procedure on…………………. is normal plan works or not……….. ???? what apps can start through this

    • Anil

      Yes it works with bb curve 8520. I myself use a bb curve. Almost all apps work except bb ones

  • Soumya

    i  have BB 9780 RIM how can i watch you tube videos without BIS?? my gprs plan is active… 

    • Anil

      watching youtube videos without BIS Plan is currently not available. but you me try bolt browser(It may work). Some BB Devices dont even support youtube playback even with BIS Plan

    • Kuldeep singh

      Hi saumya I m also using bb 9780 could u tell me how u download bolt browser / other browser.

  • saratchandra kakarla


    Nice Article and i am sure a lot of BB users would have got benefitted from it.

    I am new to the BB world ( currently using BB 9520 Storm 2, Airtel Chennai , Active GPRS Plan of 2GB for 98 ) 

    Need your help to know the basic installation procedure of Opera Mini browser (or for that matter any App) on BB.

    I figure out there might be three ways of doing it ..

    1) Download the Opera Mini for BB Storn 9550( Hope same version would work on 9520) on to my Laptop. How should the dump be loaded onto my Phone ? is it by using BB desktop Software?

    2) Connect to a Wi Fi Connection at home ( which i am unable to ) and directly download it to BB.

    3) Subscribe for BB services from Airtel(my operator in TN) for a month. Download whatver i want to and do the modification what you have suggested and roll back the plan to a basic GPRS one

    Thanks in advance…


    • Anil

      Hello Sarat,
      If you are new to BB world then at first you will have to avtivate BIS plan for a week atleast(to configure the latest bb settings and to get latest updates) and install all the apps you need. After then you can use BB apps(not made/developed by BB) i.e. opera, bolt, etc they will work for sure.if you have wifi connection at home then BB browser will work but you cant download anything from BBAppWorld.

      and sorry for the late reply.. because the post has been transferred to :)

      • Nupur

         Hey Anil. Thanks a lot for the tutorial!
          I have a BB 8520 & a Vodafone Prepaid connection. I’ve taken the 99 1 gb plan. I could connect over wi-fi without a problem. But when there’s no wi-fi, Opera Mini doesn’t work. It says ”Connection Failed. Unable to connect. Pleasse check your network settings and try again.
         Can you help me out here?

  • Vmandoli

    hello Anil,
    nice article but my service provider is tata docomo, and the APN is not even available in that complete list worldwide. i will really appreciate if you can help me out here.

    thanks in adv.

    • Anil

      I think its TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN …

      • Anandvsr

        hi anil, can u tel how to use emails in bb without bb services

        • Anil

          hmm.. you can’t use BB emails without BIS.. you need to install .jar apps for gmail(if available).

    • Anil

      or it may be TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET

      • Vmandoli

        thanks and what abt username n password n other options

        • Anil

          “username and password” isn’t required. just apn will do

    • Mohan

      Pls visit this site for apn of various service providers, and thanks anil..

      • Anil

        thanks for the link :)

        • Mohan

          Hi Anil, i hv started using internet this way, but i am not able to download anything, apart from surfing, i also want facebook, google and yahoo chat massenger and you tube, is it possible… pls reply

          • Anil

            Hi Mohan, As I wrote in the post, you can not use any apps developed by BlackBerry i.e. BB Brower, BBM, Mails, FB, twitter, etc.

            Seek for good alternatives. – Snaptu, Opera, etc.

  • Madhur Prince7

    hey .. Does this 96 plan work on BB torch ?? lemme know

    • Anil

      Yes It does.

  • Rocks_arora81

    can i use facebook chat in normal gprs98  plan

    • Anil


  • Devacharya14

    Hello,I am from Kolkata & i am using vodafone bis 299 plan in my BB curve 9300 i want to access facebook chat but whenever i click into facebook widget on my BB a pop-up says i need to upgrade my present plan >>>….can u kindly tell me how to access facebook chat in my 299 bis plan 

    N.B. i have also tried the BB app world but the software(Facebook chat application) is showing the same pop-up even after installing/upgrading facebook chat client

    • Anil

      Hi. I think that plan is for mails and BBM only. Try alternate app i.e. facebook chat or FChat.

  • Herukh Shahani

    Can we use whatsapp?

    • Anil

      yes. but whatsapp takes a LOT of time to connect using this plan(without BIS) but it works great later on.

      • HanilPanjwani

        When i try to download Whatapp, it says ‘No BB service detected’. So can you please tell me how to download Whatsapp?

        • Anil

          For the first time, you have to activate BIS and download necessary files. and deactivate it then 😉

  • kk

    how can i use it on blackberry torch 9800

    • Anil


  • Palak Taneja

    can you tell me the APN settings for Reliance GSM, its not listed

    • Anil

      Hi. Please check the link mentioned in the post :) even i dont know the apn of reliance…
      Sent from my iPad

  • Shinto007

    Thanks .. It’s works on my 9300 …. I can use BlackBerry Browser without any BB planes….

    • Anil

      Wow. Thats great!! :)

      Sent from my iPad

    • Sagarstars

      i have a BB curve 3g 9300 as well ! will u please guide me as to how i can use gprs on it? ive activated gprs already.. n changed apn settings to “” what? do i have to download any other browser?? coz some1 above posted that it doesnt work on the blackberry browser..please help..thanks! :)

  • Rakesh Kinger

    wowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! it works,,,,,,,,thnnkkku so much 

  • Elvindavid

    Is there any app that allow me to use twitter without BB plans

    • Anil

      Yes. There is.
      you can use Ubersocial.

  • Mario

    hi anil… what about the globe subscriber in the Philippines? :) whats the APN?

    • Sebastin

      Access point network, u can find it calling ur network vendor ask for gprs access point

    • Anil

      I agree with @8ee9f298d2993e669d44dab3cb564509:disqus 

  • Roshan kishore

    can i use facebook and twitter using airtel connection?? without BIS is what i mean!

    • Anil

      Find alternative apps like snaptu or ubersocial…

  • Jainaditya637

    how can i use it on blackberry torch 9800

    • Anil

      the same process I guess. btw i have never used BB torch

      • Kuldeep_35singh

        Hi anil I have bb 9780 and I want to use net without BIS but where can I download Bolt browser could u send me this . When I dwnlod it it need bar code . So send me at and send me some use tips for better net option.

  • Dhruv

    Hi. I have applied the settings and currently using BOLT (as a browser) in my bb 9530, but still couldn’t connect to net. I have already activated the Internet plan (vodafone). Please provide with some assistance so that i can enjoy browsing too. Thanks..

    • Anil

      Hi. APN for Vodafone is http://WWW. 

      • Dhruv

        thanks a lot

  • Cs Gaurav08

    i did all things but after that i dont find browser in my device…….how to check that it is working

    • Anil

      ping the servers

  • Yash

    As u said to download opera i downloaded its working but my whatsapp is nt working

    • Anil

      whatsapp actually requires BIS but works after trying for hours. leave it and it will connect automatically after few hours/days.

      • Champ95salvi

        plz help me i have a curve and my whatsapp is not working

      • Vijin

        Hi Anil,

        Could you please help me with using the same in BB 9800 torch. I cant access wahstapp through wifi also. my device needs frequent reboot and the connection gets lost in some time. Please could you help me out.

  • Yash

    It shows local connection time out after -60000 (Please wait while system retries)

    • Anil


  • Suchiyant Tomar

    its realy gr8……..its work like wifi speed……thanks dear….

    • Bkdos

       whatsapp working?

  • Karanseth 91

    I have done all things bt it is not working in my device. It shows internet is not connectd

  • dish

    i am using curve 8520 and i have tried to use internet without BIS but i am not able to use it please help me out cuz i cant even find the BOLT browser please tell me a solution to this And if u can mail it to me please do this favour for me…!! my id

    • Anil

      bolt browser has been discontinued. Opera will work well

  • Shubhamcspro

    hi anil……..i hav applied all the setting, on my 9300 curve 3g but i cant surf net on using opera mini nd bolt browser…but my wats app started working..but it pls help me bro.

  • Pankaj Rathor

    Thanks a lot dude!!!! I was handicapped without internet on my BB. Thanks for this workaround. It worked atleast for surfing purpose.

  • Anushee

    cant aceess it>>help me pllzzzzz

    • Anil

      sure! but what can I help you with?

    • Rocky arora

      send meur oprator name

  • Bharghav_movva

    its not working please tell me how to do it

    • Anil

      where did u stuck? whats not working?

  • praveen

    It works in Airtel…… thanks anil for ur idea.

    • Cute Girl1129

      can u access fb??

      • Anil

        yes. But in Opera Mini

        • Akarshg

          is whatsapp working??

      • Mohit sharma

        Hi Anil. My Name Is Mohit i am from Chandigarh.Dear anil i hve facing one problam i am useing vodafone net Rs 98 in my blackberry strome but recently my aaplicaton world is deleted how can i re installed my applicaton world. 

        • nazim

          hi i m nazim and i have bb storm 9530. i am using airtel card prepaid.if i open app world its working nicely but the problem is it cant download anything its just loading and loading and afterwords error comes. so pleaze help me .

        • Atul

          Hii , Atul here … I m using BB bold 1 (9650) i chage the setting , and put the correct APN but still i am not able to use internet
          pls guide

  • Gkvknp

    Very good and absolutely valid tutorial.

  • Deepak

    i cant use appworld in my BB strom9530 what can i do?

    • Anil

      appworld(on my BB) works well without BIS. You need to activate the BIS at least once before you use internet without BIS. go for a day or week plan. It will update the service books

  • Vinit_picha

    sir what should be for Tata DOCOMO 

    • Anil

      I think this one — TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN

      If it doesn’t work, just call docomo customer care and they will tell you the right one.

  • Nitesh Bhurkunde

    it;s working on balckberry 8800

    • Anil

      hmm :)

  • Deepikam1990

    i applied the APN settings. i am an airtel user. but only whts app is working so Can please someone tell me which browser to use for surfing as the blackerry browser doesnt work without the BIS plan…… thx

    • Anil

      blackberry browser will not work. As I said, all the apps developed by BB will not work. Use Opera for web browsing

  • Prakhar

    hi anil pls help me ……i hve bb9300 and my serivce provider is tata docomo…… can I run  facebook, watsapp, twitter etc……applcatns widout activating BIS plan………please suggest me the full procedure…..thnks.. :)

    • Anil

      full procedure is written above and APN for tata docomo is – TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN

    • Prakhar_saboo3

      problem is ocuuring when i download opera mini….. and its not working……..pls tell me the proocess how to download it…..and can i run watsapp in BB…..???and when I  download other applications, also problem is occuring that ur handset is not enabled for such…….nnn so on….????what should i do pls help me out……

      • Anil

        please activate BIS(in case your BBAppWorld is not working) to download desired apps / update the apps & softwares. You can activate it for a day or for a week, then continue using BB without BIS hassle free

      • Anil

        please activate BIS(in case your BBAppWorld is not working) to download desired apps / update the apps & softwares. You can activate it for a day or for a week, then continue using BB without BIS hassle free

  • Bhavesh Malde

    I am not able to do it…  Is it because i have bis plan and not basic internet plan (say Airtel Rs 98). Any idea???????? 

    • Anil

      may be yes. if you want to use basic internet then you will have to disable the bis first!

  • Prashant Kumar Aanand

    The whole idea of using a blackberry is because of its BBM and push mail classiscs. What’s the point of buying a blackberry if you dont wanna use its service 

    • Anil

      everyone have their own views.!

      • Baltej Aulakh

        Thanks  Anil,

        You made my day. I got my internet working that too without BB Plan..

  • Anonymous

    anil i rchrgd my bb 9300 wid 98 1 gb plan(airtel)…..i hv done all the settings which u told…bt m nt able to connect …its saying contact to ur service provider…cuctomer care people are useless they are sayin u cant access widout bis plan…help me out

    • Anil

      did you write in the apn? customer care will say this because they want us to use basic internet on BB.

      • Anonymous

        ya ya…i wrote it…first i rchrgd my cell dn i did all these thngs…my frns r using it bt m nt able to… :-(

        • Anil

          BB Browser won’t work. Get opera mini browser..

      • Anonymous

        thnks bro… it startd wrkin…last thing plz tell me hw to dwnload nw browser n whch one

        • Anil

          you can download opera from BBAppWorld

  • prashant

    cn i use whatspp??????????

    • Anil

      whatsapp people say we cant use whatsapp without BIS but I used it without BIS (no trick, it started working on its own after some time)

  • Ashish_man_utd

    can we use whatsapp?

    • Anil

      most probably no.

  • Ashish_man_utd

    and what about apn of reliance gsm?

    • Anil

      its rcomwap

      • Ashish_man_utd

        Any user name and password?

        • Anil

          no thats not needed.

  • Ashish_man_utd

    APN for reliance GSM? plz revert back.

  • Yash

    my app world is nt working…..

    • Anil

      Is your BB phone new?

    • Anil

      Is your BB phone new?

    • Anil

      Is your BB phone new?

    • Anil

      Is your BB phone new?

  • Compromiser08

    If  i may add..another hassle free way is to…

    load ur sim in some other gprs enabled phone,configure the settings in that phone,try and run the internet once from it.
    Then put that sim in blackberry,if a WAP icon shows up in the menu or say anywhere in the phone…click it,u r ready to use the browser.
    no opera reqd even.
    P.S:I am using a BB9300 Curve 3g and my data carrier is Vodafone..i recharge with the basic 96/month net pack.
    Try it.. and @theonlyanil:disqus  nice tutorial i must admit.
    With my way,BB appworld,BB Twitter and FB doesnt work..
    and what is the BB screenshot app u have used here?

    • Anil

      I have used vScreenshot for capturing BB screens.

    • Anil

      I have used vScreenshot for capturing BB screens.

  • Smaladhari

    how to use internet without bb data plan and wifi on bb8520 by vodafone????

  • Sksanasana

    how to use internet without bb data plan and wifi on bb8520 by BSNL???

    • Anil

      pls read the post and APN for vodafone is WWW.

    • Anil

      pls read the post and APN for vodafone is WWW.

    • Anil

      What you need to do is just ask the APN from BSNL customer care service and follow the instructions as shown. thanks

    • Anil

      What you need to do is just ask the APN from BSNL customer care service and follow the instructions as shown. thanks

  • Vky_2s

    Hey I have downloaded Operamini but its not working, my Handset is BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G,
    Data Packet Access Point rec from customer care is TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    Please suggest me……………

    • Anil

      pls use this APN “TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN”
      and let me know where it works or not…

  • Vky_2s

    Hey I have downloaded Opera mini but its not working on my BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G, my service provider is TATADOCOMO & the Packet Data Access Point received from customer care is TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET please help me on this……………

  • Venda

    I am using BB Pearl 9100. In that I can enable APN but cant type the APN name. Will you please help me to where I should enter the APN name.There is only provsion for entering username & password..Thank u in advance

    • Anil

      thats strange. It should show the APN option. are you exactly there where I mentioned in the post?

  • Prashant1321990

    hey bro m using bb curve 8520 wid a dolphin(mtnl) connection of delhi>>>>>>> plz tell me how i cn activate net

    • Anil

      same way I have written above. just change the APN to yours. I dont know the APN for Dolphin. Don’t worry, the customer care guys(Dolphin) will tell you that…

  • Vinay

    hai anil,

    i own blackberry bold 9780 smartphone. 

    My provider: airtel
    Location: India

    i changed the settings. I searched for opera mini in blackberry application world but it is not available. is there any tips to search in. please help….

    • Anil

      opera may not be available in BBAppWorld. download it on your PC and copy the file in memory card and install on ur BB. I hope it solves ur issue.

  • Vinay

    do we need to create black berry id with email and password to download from blackberry application world?

    • Anil

      yes. for that you will need BIS too

  • Abhyudaya Sharma

    Hey, so I intend to change to a BB. I use a LOT of WhatsApp and Twitter, and I have a Vodafone connection. I just wanted to know if WhatsApp will work without the BIS. I will download Opera and UberSocial for the rest of the work. but WhatsApp will hopefully work?

    • Anil

      Whatsapp works over wifi. but they say whatsapp uses BIS.

      • Yash

        wen u put www in apn for vodafone den only whatsapp works…..

  • buhjkbsdf

    What about whatsapp? does it work through this procedure? i’ve been trying to use whatsapp but when i put my phone number, it shows : “insufficient data coverage” 

    i have a bb 8520

    • Dr.Murali

       Try one thing …Install it under WiFi

    • Anil

      it may work…

  • Dr.Murali

    I could connect to net through bsnlnet
    Opera is working
    Nimbuzz is working
    Gtalk not working
    FB not working but can access through Opera
    UC Browser not working
    Big thing is BB application site is working

    Thanks alot


    • Abhyudaya Sharma


      • Dr.Murali

         BB Application world..
        Can download applications from that site
        Can update the already installed applications like

        • Ashish_man_utd

          which BB phone?

          • Dr.Murali

             BB Pearl 9100

      • Dr.Murali

        I was not using WhatsApp. Today I installed it & its working fine. ( During installation there was a message that WhatsApp will only work with full Data Plan of BB & not with email plan) …But we can with Bsnlnet !!

        • Anil

          I am also able to use whatsapp without BIS.
          conclusion: whatsapp works without BIS

          • HelpSeekeR

            when i tried to change ma (nt workin but initialized) whatsapp status……its shows the error :- Sync Error : Currently Unsufficient Network Coverage.(plz wait till the system retries ……….help me plz ….thnx in advance :)

          • HelpSeekeR

            btw the above error comes “without Wi-Fi”

          • Anil

            use Opera mini :)

          • Anil

            whatsapp doesnt work without BIS officially but in some case it works. you might face some errors.

    • Anil

      hmm :) As I wrote in the post that the apps developed by Blackberry wont work. like FB and Gtalk

  • Aayush

    anil plzzz tell me wats d apn for sevice prvoider of idea??????

    • Dr.Murali

      Try  ” internet ”   or ” ideagprs “

    • Anil

      its “internet”

      remove quotes

  • Anonymous

      I am using bb strom 9530 mobile till now i did not use internet on my mobile.
    once i have activated a BIS plan with the amount of 109 rs. But at that time we did not receive 
    settings while using internet it is giving an indication like you did not have settings like that
    when we consulted our net work provider he told me that your mobile is not registered and you consult the retailer from where you have purchased the mobile.I have purchased it from naaptol now i need your suggestion regarding how to get registered please help me

    • Anil

      activate BIS for a day or a week. download whatever you want. update the apps. make a BBAppworld account.
      now deactivate BIS and continue to use the normal internet.

  • Arjunarula

    Excellent my airtel worked keep up brother…..

    • Sing Mannu

      How to start my bb 9300 curve GPRS setting

      • Anil

        Activate GPRS plan, get the APN, do as mentioned it the post :)

        • Satyam-Stm Singh

          Hi Anil,

          I am using blackberry curve 8350 ( Rel CDMA) can i use INTERNET  in my blackberry Without BIS….?

    • Binod

       is whatsapp working?

      • Anil

        It may or may not work. For some people it worked and for some it didnt

        • Coolcapricorn19

          does whatsapp work on any specific model of BB?

        • Parth

          to use  what’s app go to option in what’s app nd make sure dat bis is off after dat reboot ur device nd see ur what’s up works 

  • Vishalchaturvedi7

    wats the setting for reliance

    • Ashish


      No username and password.

    • Anil

      try rcomwap

      • Dhanrajp4u

         i am using curve 8520 and i have tried to use internet without BIS but i
        am not able to use it please help me. I am using aircel gprs plan And if u can mail it to me please do this favour for me…!!

        • Anil

          you (also) must have opened the BB browser. get opera mini for surfing the internet on BB.

  • Meetbharat2005

    HI anil. I have a Blackberry curve 8520 and vodafone postapaid connection in Delhi.
    Pls let me know whether I would be able to use net plan of Rs. 198/-. Also let me know what all i would be able to use and what all i wouldn’t be able to.
    Also would I be able to use push mail and whatsapp and other apps ?? please reply asap on

  • Meetbharat2005

    HI anil. I have a Blackberry curve 8520 and vodafone postapaid connection in Delhi.
    Pls let me know whether I would be able to use net plan of Rs. 198/-. Also let me know what all i would be able to use and what all i wouldn’t be able to.
    Also would I be able to use push mail and whatsapp and other apps ?? please reply asap on

    • Anil

      If it works on other mobiles then it will work on ur phone too. just do as I mentioned in the post. and the apps which won’t have also been written above.

  • Jayant Sharma

    m facing some problems.. i updated all my settings as per the above given instructions, but i am facing two problems..
    1) i can’t stream videos through it..
    2) even after getting a GPRS card, the money was charged through my balance.. 
    in just a day i had spent 15 rupees of my balance without proper usage of GPRS.. I have a blackberry curve 8520 phone and an airtel prepaid connection.. reply asap..
    PS.. i never applied for BIS..

    • Anil

      if your phone didnt ever have BIS on it then activate at least once, for a day so that it can update the service book entries.
      And if you were charged then contact vodafone, they may solve the issue (although they SUCK, they deducted rs.300 on my mobile without any genuine reason; not on BB)

    • Anil

      and sorry for the late reply …. !

  • Shubham singh

    is this working in vodafone sim?if yes,how? plz tell me

    • Anil

      it works. the same way shown above. change APN to www

  • Shubhamraj Fast

    Is it working  in bb 8520 curve by vodafone sim?

    • Anil


  • Bharataggarwal Law

    pls someone tell me whether this works wth vodafone postpaid too? how shall i go about it?

    • Anil

      it works

  • Monark Modi

    Hey Anil,
         i want to know if i can use this trick of internet without BIS plan along with the latest vodafone BBM plan of Rs.129.
    so i want to know if i can use both of these together?????????
    thanks in advance..:)

    • Gajendra singh


    • Anil

      it should work :)

    • Yash

      u can use… i m using d same… but fb app n twitter app doesn’t work…

      • Harsh Sanghavi

        does whats app work dude?????

        • Anil

          most probably YES

  • Darfaisal2

    i am having a blackberry curve 8520 but i am not able to browse internet. i shows unable to connect to the internet plz try after sometime. i am on bsnl postpaid plan 89……plz help me anyone can reoly me on  

    • Anil

      are you browsing on BB browser?

  • Ganesh Powale

    unable to connect internet using opera

    • Anil


  • Seetendra

    i have a bb9700 with BSNL inAP what should i do to get the internet to work on this system…

    • Anil

      you just need to call customer care and get the APN. and write that APN in TCP/IP (as mentioned above)

  • Priyanka

    i am using BB9900 with airtel service. what if i do a recharge of RS.129 for BBM and then RS.98 for internet service. Will both of them work together?? and what about mail facility?

    • Anil

      I dont know much about that plan but whatever that plan is for (probably its for BBM only) it will work with normal data plans.

    • Monark

       i am also interested to know if both the plans of normal gprs and bbm 129 will work together or not??

      • Anil

        they will work

  • Ruchirca

    even after doing this, i m not able to use internet. Do i have to delete something from the service book?

    • Anil

      No. dont delete anything in service book. you must be trying to access internet in the BB browser. Get opera mini

      • Yash

        but my internet works on normal bb browser

        • Anil

          Great. It worked on my BB for a limited period of time 😉

  • Apurva Bhargava

    Will Blackberry maps work this way

    • Anil


  • priyanka

    hey i hav done all da settings as instructed.i m a vodafone user…i hav evn activated da mnthly net plan of 99…..still my watsapp is not working…can u plzz tel me whts da matter…..

    • Anil

      whatsapp needs BIS to run.

      • Harsh Sanghavi

        sir, i hve bb 9800 torch, i am using BIS plan,but it costs a lot..i tried by activating nt able to browse thru the default ma whats app is working…nw if i activate 129 nli bbm plan..then will it work?

        • Anil

          Use Opera mini for web browsing.
          and yes BBM will work

  • Vsindia78

    dear arun i am purchages new bb strom 9530, can i use internet on it without bisplan 

  • Vsindia78

    Dear Anil can i use internet on my bsnl without Bis plan on my Blackberry strom 9530

    • Anil

      yes u can.

      • Vsindia78

        plese tell me how i am using bsnl network

        • Anil

          Did you try these APNs? celloneportal,bsnlnet,bsnllive

  • Enigma4791

    how do we surf if da borwser doesnt work on dis plan??

    • Anil

      Opera Mini

  • vipin

    dear Friend ,
    I got a new Blackbeery mobile curve 8520 recenty and i had a airtel connection Postpaid and activated Rs.299 plan on it and use BBM and push mail service sucessfully but i know if i activate there airtel GPRs plan 149 then is it any possibilty after that i axcess face book or twitter on it and or 9818878749

    • Anil

      if you are going to pay 299+149 then wait. activate the Rs.399 BIS plan which has everything. consult airtel customer care for the details. In short, it provides:
      Unlimited browsing
      and all the apps will work.

  • Guest :)

    anil bhai ,i did wat u taught in this tutorial but when i open the browser its asking me 2 connect through wi-fi … how should i change connection type to GPRS so that it doesn’t prompt me with this msg … Thanks & TC !!!

    • Guest :)

      I am facing this issue in my Bold 9790.

  • Guest


    • Anil

      As I have written above, the apps developed by BB won’t work. 

  • Sanid007

    I did it, But…then what can i do for accesing to internet.(i’m a bsnl user)

    • Anil

      download Opera Mini web browser.

  • Karanmn

    HI anil bhai..i have the bold 9780 and cant find the option to make the connection WIFI preferred like the others had,Please help me.Thanks, Karan

    • Anil

      wifi connection?? no. this post is about using the blackberry without BIS plans

  • Akashthapar

    i am using vodafone ….i followed ur tutorial bt then too my internet without bis is nt working.. please help

    • Anil

      How come? What did you write in APN???

  • Nayna232801

    I am using bb 8320, vodafone connection in India, I made the recharge of packet data 98 and as per ur instruction I changed the APS : WWW
    but still my net is not wrking … I really dunno wat is going on … please help

    • Guest

      vodafone gprs not 98 it is 95 only. once you recharged with 95 make sure the MB balance by just dialing *111*6# then 2 

    • Anil

      I think restarting the device will do. It should work…

  • Chughnaman44

    i use bb curve 8520 wid bsnl network….nd app world doesnt start wid the way u mentioned shows an following error
    BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again.

    • Anil

      Do you have BB app world username and pass? You need to create that first using the BIS plan (activate it for one day or a week) and then it will work flawlessly

  • Aniket

    Does What’s App work with this setting?

    • Anil

      most probably YES

  • srikanth

    Hi Ani , my is blackberry 9780 t-mobile… i have followd the above procedure but its still not working .
    can u please suggest me what to do.
    mail me @

    • Anil

      First of all you need to get the APN name from T-Mobile, then do as mentioned. It should work :)

  • Nabs_hamidani

    hey m using blackberry curve with idea sim  so can u suggest me any plan without bbm i jus wanna download whatsapp so wht plan i shud use 

    • Anil

      activate BIS for a short period of time then use the normal data plans of !dea 😉

      • Akhil Kamat S

        @anil but does whats app work on normal data plan without BIS

  • Vardaankher7

    thnxxx it worked good for browsing

  • Subhasis Banerjee

    Mr. Anil please help i have a blackberry 9300 curve , i connect internet to my laptop to blakberry mobile 9300. so how its possible. please help me.


    • Anil

      Install Blackberry desktop manager on PC and connect to internet…

  • Vivex

    it worked like a charm on my BB9900, Thanks Anil, :)
    Also any way to have a direct Email link on the screen, as Gmail app is no available for 9900 :(

  • Chloe Louise France

    If you cant use BB browser which browser can you use? x

  • Rohit Mathur63

    hello brothr,
    i got a b curve 9300 n m a docomo subscriber, cn i use bbm nd fb for bb wdout d BIS?
    pls lemme knw soon ,vry desperat here :(

    • Anil

      NO. you cant use BBM, fb, twitter without BIS.

      • Sana Monga

        hi anil , its sana i m using 8520 and airtel prepaid number please help e to activate gprs on my no. 

        • Anil

          just type in APN field, It should work.

        • Anil

          APN is

          • Akshay

            after this apn in which browser we have to use net d default browser of bberry????

          • Anil

            opera mini

          • Mariya

            Sir, i m using bb 9300 and i have got the 3G plan activated on my vodafone number. yes i did that APN thing but it is still not working.
            when i use opera mini it say “unable to connect. please review your network settings.”
            and whatsapp isn’t working too.

        • veeresh kumar

          Option-Advanced Option-TCP/IP- APN Setting Engabled(Check the Option box) then type at below


      • bedi

        How can i use BBM/gtalk without BIS.. I am able to use fb and gmail using opera mini..

        • Anil

          acc to me, Its not possible.

      • Nilayshah999

        Pls say for vodafn na its not wrkng plss reply asap

  • Guest

    Can opera mini be downloaded from BB app world? otherwise where to get it from?

  • anurag

    thanks dude :) its working

  • Shyam Menon


    I own BB curve 5830 CDMA wih cricket service provider from United States. Now iam not able to use this BB in India it is locked. I tried approching authorized BB centers they said it is not possible to unlock the phone in India. Can you please help me out to unlock and use the same in Indian networks.

    Thanks & regards

    • Anil

      Sorry.. No Idea about unlocking Blackberry…

  • Alexandre Maracaja

    I’m from Brazil and I’m using the mobile company Tim, I did the instrucions. But don’t work. It’s just replace the APN data?

    • Anil

      Yes. just write the correct APN and it will do the rest

  • Vaibhav026

    hi anil.thanks for the tutorial but how to make it work on os7 since there is no “advanced option”???

  • ash

    Hi anil , I did as u instructed . recharged my phone with 98 rs airtel internet pack , whatsapp and opera mini is also downloaded on my phone through wifi , changed the apn settings to but still i get an error msg while starting opera mini saying ” unable to connect to internet . please check your settings . ” even whatsapp is not working :( 

    • Anil

      Hi. Please check Options > mobile network > data services –ON; while roaming –ON
      Sent from my iPad

      • ash

        yes its on 

        • Anil

          Check the ping then… If it pings to it’s working otherwise put sim in another phone( not BB) and chk whether Internet is working or not…
          Sent from my iPad

          • ash

            Hi Anil thanks a ton for ur help , it worked only problem is , it works only when edge network is running , the internet dosnt work on GSM network :( also whatsapp is not working anyway can we get edge network all d time . thank u soo much again :) 

          • Chandra

            hi…i am having the same problem, GSM is being showed all the time thats why internet is not working, how did you get edge?

          • Diazy3d

             hey i have active airtel gprs plan how did u ping it…i hv 8520

          • Vinay

             Hi Anil,
             I have a same problem :-( . How to do ping from BB. I have BB 9300 curve.

          • Anil

            options > mobile options > [click on BB logo] > tools > ping

          • Sharmaasish

            how to check ping????

          • Diazy3d

            how to ping on 8520

      • Aseem Sharma

        Hi Anil I have already done this trick but still not working

      • Dhrutivb

         I am using Docomo so can I use normal GPRS plan for blackberry?

        • Sumeet Bankar MrLonely

          mujhe bhi bata dena agar tera normal plan chal jaaye toh i’m too docomo user n I want 2 use net bt without using bis..

      • Satyam-Stm Singh

         hi Friends Can i use Internet Without BIS I am using Rel CDMA blackberry curve 8350

    • Shafique Khatri

      Make sure its on 2G and not 3G…because 98rs plan provides only 2G.

  • kartik

    does this work with reliance as well

    • Anil

      Yes it does.

      Sent from my iPad

      • Karnisinghs

        Hi Anil what is the APN for reliance….
        Thanks in advance

  • Ashu

    hey,i’m using blackberry curve 9300,& i’m a airtel subscriber..i did like what u said..but it aint working…opera shows connection error & whatsapp is stuck at page loading

  • Ashu

    hey,i have a blackberry curve 9300..i have done everything u told,still my opera shows connection problem..

  • varun sood

    hi anil ! need yur help ! i m using BB curve 9300 with vodafone postpaid . Recently got BBM129 activated. because of which Net surfing got deactivated. Now i have got BBM129 deactivated but still not able to use the NEt. As per the process flow, advanced options are not available in options menu of Curve 9300. kindly advise.

  • Binod

    i m using a curve-8520 with bis-399 plan.but as its very costly i wish to subscribe to airtel-98 gprs recharge.i have only 1 query-will whatspp work on that 98 plan?i use whatsapp a lot.please help me.

    • Binod

       hi anil,my bis-399 plan is up for renewal in 2 days.Please reply soon.thanks!

      • Bennet

        Hey, if u want whatsapp then just activate only BBM scheme & recharge with Rs98 for internet. Everything will work fine.

        • Binod

           hi Bennet,thanks for ur reply.just wanted to know if subscribing to BBM plan is necessary to activate WhatsApp?or doing the 98 internet recharge enough for WhatsApp?
          i dont use BBM much,all my friends r on WhatsApp
          will highly appreciate ur reply

        • Binod

           and wt do u mean by all things will work?will blackberry pushmail also work with these combination of BBM+98 recharge?

        • Anil

          wow. great trick indeed…

      • Anil

        some one replied that whatsapp works with BBM plan too. so u can try BBM + 98 plan…

  • Sujeet

    is gprs setting from operator required to open brewser  in simple internet pack (airtel) for blackberry

    • Anil


  • Sana Monga

    plz dear help me out m using 8520 and airtel prepaid number , pzl tell me how to activate internet with gprs plan

  • rinkss

    Hiiiii…. I am using bb 9780. i activated my bbm with 129/- & 98/- for internet access. my whatapp is working after following ur intructions but why can’t i access to the internet & facebook. plz help 


    • Binod

       whatsapp working?

    • Bennet

      I’m using d same 2 schemes on airtel network & everythings works fine. 
      If network is not on EDGE then just change ur network mode to manual & select Airtel 2G.After that just go to mobile network option & switch it OFF & put it ON once again.
      You will be able to access everything.

    • Anil

      access internet through opera mini. it will work

      • Prasadvasantsalvi

        Hi Anil, whats APN for DOCOMO, its not in the list. Thanks

  • Veabhav

    Dear Mr. Anil,
    I bought Balckberry 9300 and having plan of GPRS under DOCOMO operator. I wanted to run Whatsapp but it is not working. May you please suggest me that if I switch over under Vodafone or Idea so Whatsapp will work?

    Thanks a lot in Advance. :)

  • Shruti

    Hi Anil, I have a bold 9780, I also have a new number which did not have the Internet GPRS active on airtel previously. I ve changed my APN settings, but I dont know how to activate my internet plan. Ive taken up the recharge already. So how do you activate your internet gprs for the first time on your bb?

  • Cerejo

    hi anil, i m using bb 8310 and i have opera mini and whats app in my mobile, and i use vodafone operator.
    on normal 95 ka plan i can use net on opera mini bt cant use whats app…give some suggestions wer i will be able to use whats app on normal internet

    • Anil

      whatsapp isn’t supported without BIS…

      • prince.queen73

        use tata docomo ! 
        this trick working only for tata docomo sim card ! 

        • Anil

          It works for ALL.

  • nishant

    i m having a idea postpaid connection so how can i use internet on my blackberry 9530 

  • Jatin Gaywala

    i am useing vodafone network… can i use 98 rs internate plan &  how can i use facebook & yahoomail….

    • Anil

      through Opera Mini

  • arjun rao

    hi anil m using 9700 bold and anable to download opera mini

    when i transfer it from desktop it dosnt install or if installed it dosnt run  :(

    • Anil

      u can download it from BBAppWorld now. its avaialble there :)

  • Raavilrock

    What is png

  • wangu

    hi guys.can you use your blackberry’s BIS as a modem to your laptop. i have tried tether but can’t get me thru…pliz help

  • Arvind

    Thanks Anil! works as a charm on both Airtel and Vodafone!

  • Gerichsen

    vonage sez free calls with their app.


  • Dina

    hi, I did it and works fine, but everytime I try to download something or watch a vid on youtube, it opens blackberry browser and it says I cant connect! even when im using wi-fi! any tips for that? I want to download whatts app

  • guest

    so u mean if i get a vodaphone internet plan on my blackberry i cant use facebook?? 

    • Anil

      u can’t use FB app on BB without BIS


    great yaar………….

  • Naeem

    Hi All,

    I just want to let u know guys that airtel gprs of 98 will not work with blackberry plan because some restrictions from the service provider apart from it will work with rest of the service providers (like vodafone, aircel , IDEA etc etc)

    Those who are trying to access internet through airtel grps are wasting there precious time only you can be able to access Internet through airtel once you have configured Blackberry data plan else it is of no use :)

    • Anil

      Strange!!! haven’t tried on airtel recently..

  • Akhil Kamat S

    hello anil i have just downloaded whats app set up using my idea GPRS service……………………………my whats app is working but i believe its on BIS? Pls temme the way so as to use the same on normal idea data plan as i dont want to use BIS..

    • Anil

      I think u should try it on normal data plan too as you have/ had BIS; whatsapp should work now

  • Nik

    9300… airtel prepaid…evn after sendin all dose msgs 4 activation…it doesn work … help

  • Sharmaasish

    i am using blackberry storm 9530.with tata docomo as service provider and followed your instruction as u said. but couldnt find the ping so i guessss i am unable to use it can you u please solve my problem

  • Champ95salvi

    hey my whatsapp is not working on my phone bb8520.i have a 65 rupees plan.

    • Sameer

      hi sameer this side,
      could u pl help me out dat whats the 65rs plan,,, nd is wrking at bb phn

  • sumeet

    HEllO anil…i have BB curve 8520 i am using vodafone card and i have recharge with 399 bis plan as wel as i have normal recharge plan active too then too i am facing a problem.nothing is working like it shows please ensure your wifi service is active i am trying from morning its still the can you please help me with this.thanks

  • An Ku Sh

    Wowwww.. Worked well on my bb … 

  • Abdulsadique786

    it works with my BB great thanks!!!

  • Debpriyo1990

    hi… i using blackberry 9530 and airtel i can’t access any can i download operamini???any acess internet without BIS plan.. please tell me..

  • Debpriyo1990

    hi anil da…i am using a blackberry strom 9530 & airtel sim,i cant download any browser and access internet…….. please please please tell me what can i do for access internet without BIS plan..plz plzz

    • Anil

      you can download opera mini on your computer and install it on your BB.

  • Sudhu

    Great work, its working for me Thank you.

  • Rishab Gulati3sep

    hey anil
    i m using bsnl sim nd using normal plan of net not bis
    and i can use fb  but i cant usefbchat    so plzzzz solvr my problem

    and i cant download operamini

    • Anil

      you can download opera mini on computer and then install it on your BB. and FBChat works without BIS instead FB won’t work.

  • Jasdeep Sandhu07

    hy gays im using all apps without bis plan 
    1st vosdafone user activat u r RS15 plan than download all aaps 
    like facebook twitter all apps
    2nd . use your plan oneday 
    2nd day deactivat u r plan
    and connect u r black berry on u r pc update u r black berry system software
    after update shutdown ur black berry
    rechanger u r vodafone simpal data plan 
    enjoy all apps

  • Jasdeep Sandhu07

    vodafone here
    hy gays 
    vodafone users only
    vodafone simpal plan RS.58 in 500MB and 96 in 1GB 149 in 2GB
    old idea ___—–_____
    recharge u r account RS.129
    activat your BBM plan than enjoy unlimted internet on your pc and mobile

  • Jasdeep Sandhu07

    vodafone here 
    hy gays 
    old black berry modal like storm 
    in notworking simpal data plans 
    update your system software 
    and enjoy simpal data plans

  • Arjun1693

    hi anil..
               im having bbm9780 bold but i cudnt install opera mini..can u help me..

    • Anil

      ok. so how did u try to install opera mini? via BBAppworld or via browser?

  • Msadana90

     Hii Anil……….I don’t want to use any BBM or any Watsapp I just want to surf on net with Wi-fi, I have Wi-Fi at my office and home, but when I out of my office or home I use to do Data service Off then it deduct some money. How to stop that such money is not to be deducted.

  • Parthshah1789

    hi i have vodafone gprs plan…n did everything as metnioned….bt its not working…what shud i do..

    • Anil

      APN = WWW ???

    • Anil

      APN = WWW ???

  • Muzammil Hyder

    thnx a lot dude 😀

  • Muzammil Hyder

    it worked in mine 😀

  • Muzammil Hyder

    i got it first bt nw i m nt gting it :

  • Invisible_danger

    brother it disconnects in few hrs…dn aftr re inserting bettary it starts wrking…help me out

  • Invisible_danger

    brother it disconnects in few hours dn i hv to reinsert bettary aftr dat it wrks again for fw hours plz help

  • Meenu Paul

    i hv bb 8520 hw can i use internet without data plan but customer care said i can’t use it without data plan plz help charges are 4x…it is expensive

    • Santanu

      try the above process,,cc will never tell u that u can use bb without bis.,,.,

    • Anil

      customer care guys are useless. They will never help you in this regard.

  • Meenu paul

    i nvr use internet on phone so pls help if u can

  • A130368

    dear anil
    i have bold 9700 working on bsnl postpaid 3g sim.i can browse net but unable to store bb apps .is there any way i can download and save bb apps on my handset

    • Anil

      Yes. have u ever used BBAppworld? do u have its account? If no then activate BIS plan for atleast one day or a week. Afterwards, it should work.

  • Nehi V25

    i m using internet on my bb ,n net z working i hv installed whatsapp in my fone,so does it gonna work wid dis internet card nly????

  • Varunbhudeka

    will whatsapp work

    • Anil

      chances are 50-50

  • Krishnarao Lankalapalli

    My Brother has gifted me BB Torch – 9800. I am in VODAFONE network. I’ve not activated the BIS plan in my Blackberry due to the cost. When i read in this forum that internet services can be enabled without activating the BIS plan, i’ve activated 3G plan and set the APN as advised in the forum. Still i am unable to browse through OPERA. Mr. Anil please let me know whether any other settings has to be done for activating the internet services.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anil

      Hi. As you stated that your BB is new. and u never activated BIS plan on it then I must suggest you that you must activate BIS plan for at least once (for a day or a week) so that service books and apps get updated and you can download apps from BBappworld. Afterwards, internet without BIS will work smoothly :)

  • Ssc_sanghvi

    am using blackberry 9300 3g as instructed i did the apn settings but the internet in not working. and am not able to find the push option on my mobile.  kindly help in the issue

    • Anil

      what did u write in APN?

  • Saurabh

    hi… i did erythn as u said… also tried with the ping option… but still its not working… i am using bb 9300 on airtel network

    • Aatif

      same here

    • Anil

      Ping will not work until u do everything correctly. Ok. tell me what did u do?

      • Saurabh

        i activated 98 Rs plan… checked in other nokia to check whether its working or not…. it started working in nokia… in APN i wrote…… also did ping…. after sending ping, it says IP field is empty…. I can only use net when I turn off bb n turn it on ( it works only 1 min)… after that again edge comes in a lower case than EDGE in upper…
        Pl let me knw…:)

        • Anil

          EDGE is for BIS and edge is for normal Internet. if you see “edge” written, your internet is working. in the ip field, type

          • Saurabh

            hi… initially it was working only if there was EDGE…. there is no option where i can type IP field….  there is somethin called as (ip or name)…or i have to select self…. if i select (self) then automatically ip address is cumiin… and also (Ping to: )field is empty….

          • Saurabh

            when i say send ping it gives an error saying IP filed is empty…

          • Saurabh

            whn i m trying to access anyting in opera mini… it is givin an error as ” unable to connect.please review your network settings.” always i have to turn off my bb and turn it on to check email…this works only for 1 min as i mentioned earlier.

          • Saurabh

            hey i m still waiting for your reply

      • Skorpio_24

        HI Anil,

        I have a BB 9380. 2 questions.
        1) Also… after using GPRS,,, has anyone tried switching to BB Internet.. does it work…
        2) Will GPS work with Normal Airtel GPRS… or do i have to switich to BB Internet.

  • Ajinkyamisal

    is gtalk works by doing this..??

    • Anil


  • vineetha

    UH i just got my BB 8520

    so I dont have the BB app world icon nor OPERA MINI installed 
    I wanted to know after activating my internet plan will the BB app world appear and then I gotta download opera mini? 
    And after the internet plan finishes for a month,can I use opera mini over wifi ?

    • Anil

      no. you should activate BIS plan at least once.

  • Shivam211

    hmm i m using bold 9700.. i did as u said.. btr nothing iz working

  • Doodoo

    Hello anil,
    ‘m using a bb9300, os6, it’s not working , ‘m using Vodafone, help me out, I’ve followed the above instructions !

    • Doodoo

      Sorry anil, i got it after I saw the video :)

      • Anil

        glad to know that at least something helped you :)

  • HMANSI33


    • Anil

      There is no further step. you have completed everything now :)

  • @jin

    I have done evrything.. My Airtel live connection works with all other phones except my BB 8520..  
    I have tried the ping test as well which returns some IP’s with time etc..  Also data services –ON; while roaming –ON.
    In case I insert any vodafone sim in the BB it works instantly without any APN & other settings.. Please advise if I am missing out on anything..

    • Anil

      Airtel Live is something else. Activate mobile office which costs Rs. 98 per month / 1 GB.

  • Ranganath

    Thanx  alot Anil… Bro u r a life saver.. Brilliant work..we all owe u one.. :)

  • Sunny Wadhera

    hey anil 

    can i surf my fb  on bb base model ..if i go through ur steps that u mentioned above in ur vedio … i have a doubt about this as m planin to buy bb

    • Anil

      No. FB official app won’t work.

  • Himanshu27979

    But i successfully used GPRS data plan of vodafone on my Blackberry curve 9380,i used browser for surfing the web,now i converted my 2g sim to 3g and reactivated the 3g data plan and now my device display “Insufficient coverage Please try again later” what should i do”.I am getting full network and 3g is written along with the signal.

    • Anil

      browser? Opera mini will work.

  • ronnie


  • vineetha

    Hey! so right not am using Opera over wifi & i do not have the BIS plan activated 

    the problem is – youtube videos aint opening .. what do I do ? 

    • Anil

      youtube won’t work.

  • guest

    hey im using opera over wifi… youtube doesnt work.. how do i watch videos on youtube? 

  • Veerupunjab07

    whats app will work on normal internet in BB

  • Ankur

    Hi Anil,

    I have curve 9220. After doing all these settings I am not able to access net on my phone. I have installed opera but it is saying check your settings. Please help me. Also let me know if it is necessary to activate BIS at least once.  

    • Raj

       hey ankur if u have 9220 curve why dont u switch to vodafone and this offer please check link for offer

    • Shymonsam

       Hii  I”m using 9220 with Noral gprs plan  with no problem
      If u have trouble connecting just uninstall opera and reinstall using wifi
      Whatsapp also works perfectly

      • Vedanttulsian

        which sim u have and what is ur plan  . as ur using whatsapp without any bis plan

  • Reena


  • Reena

    How to Start it on Blackberry Curve 3G 9300? Please Help Anil….
    Did it not working?

    • Anil

      same process will work. what did u write in APN field?

  • Reena

     I have Blackberry 3G Curve 9300 having Airtel sim but internet is not working. Please Help mail me at
    Please Help Anil…..

  • Chennaiksrini

    i got connected to internet gprs thru my BB — I ve not subscribed to any of BB plans – opera mini is working fine. My questions are -can I migrate to Airtel’s 3G plan as it has become cheap.

    Next Q: I ve Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android which is, ‘Wi-Fi only’ so sim slot not there. Is it possible to tether to my BB having gprs or 3G connection??

    • Anil

      yes you can migrate to airtel’s 3G plan.
      its not possible to tether internet from BB

  • Aryanmusani382


  • ms

    i have curve 8520 n vodafone network….i tried to use whatsapp by the method given above bt i was charged even wen i had my 99 net plan active!!! what do i do so tht i can use it with my normal internet plan…plzzz help!!!!!

  • ms

    @theonlyanil:disqus  plzzz help me :)

  • Barkha

    hie my BBM plan of 129 is activated so will it be affected by this….. ?

  • Meet Singh

    Hi guys,

    My normal 95 internet plan was working fine under vodafone network, than i active my BBM5 plan thts daily plan for bbm but problem arises now i cnt access my internet.
    Than i deactivate that BBM5 plan but still my Normal internet plan is not working.

    Message from Browser – Browsing over cellular network is not included as part of ur current service plan :(

  • Sainisandeep022

    hey Anil, is this the same procedure for BB 9220 ?

  • Harry

    I have bb9900 but Still surfing speed is much faster in 399 plan as compared to 98 plan

  • Diyarsharma

    I have bb curve 3G and in my cell there is only bb browser no opera mini so hw can i run net

  • Diyarsharma

    I hav bb curve 3G 9300 with airtel network i cant access internet plz help me

  • Nwaitoo

    I live in Myanmar where there is no BIS. Could I use app world in my Bold 9900 with 3G network.

  • Brijrasinhgohil

    Anil i am not able to even use BB appworld..
    I have BB Curve 9300 please help…….
    I am a Vodafone USer



  • ms

    i have curve 8520 n vodafone network….i tried to use whatsapp by the
    method given above bt i was charged even wen i had my 99 net plan
    active!!! what do i do so tht i can use it with my normal internet
    plan…plzzz help!!!!! plz help @theonlyanil:disqus 

    • Anil

      just write WWW in apn field and it will work.

  • Amrit

    Anil brother >>
    i used this as yu said >> and is realy working .. i used it with Airtel ..
    but brother plz tel me how to use it in Tata Docomo >> i will be very thankful to yu ..
    i used Apn for tata Docomo as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET …
    but it didnt worked …
    plz help for using it in Docomo !!

  • Vikram Rathore

    Thanks Buddy….
    Worked like Charm….

    • dushyant rathore

      call me 8500360375..i have still problem to open net in my curve 9220 without bis plans

  • Akshay

    i have bb 8520 i have done settings but its not working do i have to turn on my data services

  • Coolshivang_capricon

    I gt a bb curve 8520 . M a voda user . I didnt get what to rite in APN collumn . Can u plz specify it again . .

  • Anth_correa

    For BSNL users how do we set the Blackberry 8520 model.
    Anthony Correa

  • Dr Vikrantbhandari

    hi anil, dis is dr. vikrant, m using torch 9800, cud  u plz tell me hw 2 check ping 

  • Saumitra Kulkarni

    hello anil i did activate my plan on airtel but as soon as I open my browser its a sign which says this is a wifi service please ensure your device has an active wifi connection :(

  • Nupur

    Hey Anil
      I still can’t get Opera Mini to start without wi-fi. I’ve a BB 8520 with a PREPAID VODA CONNECTION – 99 RS, 1 GB INTERNET PLAN.
    Can you help me out please?

  • Jigargupta

    do we need to save internet settings?

  • Happygolucky1958

    tried it without wifi  having vodafone ordinary phoneconnection no voda dataplan,please advice using Opera to access facebook was easy .my question is after every session vodaphone is deducting money /mb consumed why? molly

    • Happygolucky1958

      showing edge on my mbile

    • Arsh

      mee too havin same prob..they r deducting my Balance too…they wil make me solvent…

  • Arsh Raja

    sir i m havin same prob n i m using torch 9800…plz tel me how to crrct in that…

  • nikita

    hi anil , i m using bb 8520 and vodafone prepaid number please help me to activate gprs on my no.
    wat should be the APN?

  • adil

    ji i am usin bb bold 9000 with tata docomo sim, please tell me how to do the same in that
    my contact no-7204617136,

  • Yeha

    pls help me… i have already recharged service pack of 98rs 2g internet pack of airtel in my blackberry 8520 bt i am not able to use internet…its been a week i am trying to get the solution from customer care bt they r not helping me…. they say i have to take bb plan…pls tel me wat to do…i have done wat u have taught( already had tried that bt stil;l diid it again) bt still not working… bt one thing i am not having opera mini… pls telme wat to do…. pls even do email me d solution…pls…

  • PK

    Hi Anil,
    is it possible to access/setup personal emails only on the BB without the BIS and just the normal data plan ?

    • Anil


  • Milan

    Hey! I use airtel connection for my blackberry bold 9780. I used to use internet over wifi but lately the data usage is costing me a lot. I dont want it to cost me anything and I just want to use internet while I am on wifi. My phone does not pick wifi instead keeps charging me money. I dont have any data plan and still I can browse or whenever I receive a whatsapp message I am charged. Help?

  • abc

    blackberry sucks while its of no use without internet !!
    its to costly while othr company r to cheap net service as compare to dis
    guys do not buy dis mobile personal advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anil

      I would suggest to better go for Android devices. far better than BB.

  • abc

    whts d use of making a separte pln as its nt giving fb & watsup which i mostly common in all othr mobile company service dis net pln is of no use!!

  • Akarsh

    does it still work with airtel?? because airtel recently removed the system of access point

  • sandeep

    did as advised on 8520 but works for a few hours then does not work till I remove the battery and reboot.I dont know the reason why I have 400Mb free usage on Airtel going waste

    • Anil

      airtel’s APN is

  • anu

    its not working on reliance even after doing apn setting can any body help

    • Anil

      did u write the correct APN?

  • Nishil Prasad

    For Blackberry Internet crack worked with me

  • annu

    yes anil i write the correct apn after getting from customer care wil u confirm the apn i had wrote blackberry.relianceada

    y whats app,nimbuzz all was working day before yesterday but now its not working even blacberry browser is not working

    • Anil

      BB browser will not work. Opera mini is the alternative.

  • Tamal Barman

    I have a pearl 9105 but have not been able to connect to the internet with BSNL edge ,whatever be the balance, since i got the phone. Have tried different APNs and stuff. Connects well by WIFI. Can u please tell me what might be the problem? Thanks.
    Tamal, Pondicherry.

  • Kalidas

    :) i ve a bb 9220.. i followed the above procedure and it worked :)..
    But when my net pack gets over.. deductions from balance have started. why is that so.. and moreover after i click on ok after every balance deduction an error pops up ” Supplementary service error : General Error ” any idea why does it show that way..

    Does it happen because of the above procedure being followed ?? anyone else facing this prob??
    FYI: I use vodafone prepaid.

    • Anil

      you didnt renew the pack.

  • saffire

    thank you so much…….my wtsapp with wifi ws soo slow…bt after this it wrks with a super fast speed!!!!!! 😀
    thanks again!!! :)

    • Felix

      hello bosss i m using Airtel and BB curve 9230 and i installed opera mini , watapp by wifi …. but now it doest work … what do i do ??

  • Monica

    APN for tata docomo?

  • Ishali

    heyy anil…thnku so much… my net pack is working… whatsapp nd browser is wortking but bbapp world ia nt working….cn u plzzz help me….

    • Ishali

      plllzz do replyy……

    • Anil

      I think it should work after a reboot.

  • pqr

    does this wrk for all os?
    will it wrk for javelin too?

    • Anil

      will work on javelin.

  • Parekh Rishabh7

    Thanks Anil..Its working..!

  • midhun

    hats off u boss its really awesome and i tried its working in my mobile ,………

  • Rizwan

    Does it work with Talkmobile in the UK? What is the APN?

  • Anth_correa

    I have BB8520 curve, I have loaded BB appl. world etc, provider is Vodafone, APN entered is www, e-mails are not being received.

    Anthony Correa 

    • Anil

      emails wont work. I have mentioned that in post

  • Akshaytah

    is it free 
    will it cost any bill

    • Anil

      normal data plan costs rs. 96 / 96

  • MIR

    hi i hav bb 9550 storm2, tata docome prepaid no’. hw i can use internet without  activating bbm.

    • Anil

      u wanna use bbm or internet?

  • vineetha

    download whatsapp thru the internet browser and not from the bb app world.
    the app works perfectly without BIS plan.. works smoothly on wifi :)

  • micky


    i planning to buy a bb
    so which one should i go for??
    bb9220 or 8520? help!!

    • Anil

      8520 if its ur first BB.

  • Sam8519

    Hi Anil, i have 9360 Curve, how do i get that Ping Done?

    • Anil

      its under mobile settings…

  • Saritasmart

    thanks a lot ,totally worked:)

  • Sagar Gokani

    it is stil coming unable to connect contact service provider aft adding www in APN…what to do now ???

    • Anil

      dint connect through bb browser. opera mini will do

  • Amit17388

    Hi anil ,I have BB 8520 I did as u instructed . recharged my phone with 98 rs airtel internet pack , whatsapp and opera mini is also downloaded on my phone through wifi , changed the apn settings to but still i get an error msg while starting opera mini saying ” unable to connect to internet . please check your settings . ” even whatsapp is not working :( and its showing EDGE and not edge :( Hope You Reply 

    • Anil

      it should show edge not EDGE. that means something is fishy. reboot your phone. take out battery and sim, reinsert and reboot.

  • Abin Punnuse

    Hey Anil,
    I have a completely different situation here. I am using the Airtel BBM 129 plan. I’m not able to connect to the internet over wifi. I read your tutorial and it doesn’t seem to work because I have 129 plan? Is it so? Please help.
    Thanks. :)

    • Anil

      It will work alongwith BBM plan as well. BBM+normal internet (no mails)

  • Raja

    hey i have bb 9360os 7.1 how can i use internet without bis ,i have vodafone prepaid sim…..

    • Anil

      APN -WWW

  • Lucky50_pathak

    wat shd be d default browser for a voda user? and also will whatsapp work without wifi and net card activated but nt bis?

    • Anil

      Whatsapp will work is not guaranteed. but opera mini works.

  • jinto

    stil gtalk not working plz advise plz i m in a problem,

    • Anil

      gtalk wont work

  • micky

    i am using 399 plan but still my balance is deducting!! contacted vodafone many times but not getting solution!!!
    any onee who an help me regarding this m using bb8520

    • Anil

      seems like u have that mobile internet pack activated. (must have used the tutorial) now roll back the changes, everything will be alright. and dont forget to mail vodafone about the issue. You will get your money back.

      • micky

        i followed wat they said and my plan is activate but still balance is deducting dnt knw why everything is ok with settings 


        • Anil

          go to options > mobile services > data services. Turn it OFF.

  • Sravan

    thanx a ton man!! it workd!! 

  • alka

    can you suggest how to connect to net on laptop using BIS 399 plan .

  • aswin

    @theonlyanil:disqus  it was absolutely helpful. it worked but the thing is afta evry few hours ;say 3 hours the internet connection wont be supporting but if i remove the battery and restart my curve it will be back to normal so that i can use internet but it again goes off afta few hours.. u got a solution for this?
    if anyones facing the same problem;comment :)

  • Dx_cena_mohit

    how do i download another browser??

  • Jalpa

    bb appworld gives d error : “There is an issue with the current session, Please login to continue. (Error id: 30702)”. I have done evrything from rebooting to try to login frm payment options but in vain. Searchd google also but no help.. what do u thnk is the problem? And it wrks fine with wifi..

  • Jalpa

     nd whatsapp does work…

  • Manjeetk17

    thankyou boss

  • nishanth .r

    i’m using airtel in india… this is can’t use in my mobile can u suggest me… 

  • Chirag_singhvi2001


  • Sambhav Bhandari

    wats the Apn setting for aircel with tourch 9800

  • Sambhav Bhandari

    when i reboot my phn the internet and watsapp work for 15-20 min and then give a error msg of review the network settings…plz help…kindly give me the APN setting for blackberry tourch 9800 with aircel….

  • Ninoj_ka

    Hey is it possible on cdma blackberry..i have a curve 8530…i cant find the tcp/ip options thr.

  • Azimali09

    hey am nt able to get u….hv made changes till apn…dn???i am hvng hotspot browser…wat should i do nw???

    • Azimali09

       using bb 9550…storm 2..

  • Machado Oli

    hi anil
    i am using vodafone postpaid and using BB8520 with 129 bbm plan
    and i change apn as “web” without activating any internet pack. and my whats app is working. so is it ok or will they charge me?

  • Dj2568

    Can’t work in Gujarat…

  • Shreyans Dadia

    It WORKS!!!!
    Thank you so much xD

  • Adilnasar

    Hi anil my phone is blackberry 9790  how to activate in this phone ???

  • Harshit Mlore

    from were do i get opera mini…i dont hav the software

  • Invisible_danger

    can i use wtsapp by using wifi widout nrml net plan

  • Invisible_danger

    m nt able to use wtsapp on wi fi ….dint rchrge any net plan

  • Guest

    Hi Anil ,

                I have BB 9650 Verizon Unlocked. i have tried as you told , but i coulnot get any access even from opera also . 

    so if you have any other ideas /suggestions to make it work . reply me ASAP

    • Guest

      i tried with docomo and vodafone too

  • Parth Kulkarni

    If I get 2 plans – one for Email and BBM, one normal internet plan as mentioned above. Does it work? or do I have to keep changing the settings?

  • Friendly_71

    it’s doesn’t work with me :(

  • Amarnath

    I have Blackberry 9780 in airtel prepaid when the bb conected the bb world then comes this message verift your network connection and try again ple help me

  • Yash_maria21

    Hi anil I tried it out bb app world worked but when I tried to download apps it said no cached credentials. Iam docomo user and what’s app worked awsummmm plss help

    • Anil

      Hmm.. appworld works on my device 😉

  • Dipsian

    mine not worked…..need help plz…….

    • Anil


  • Dhrutivb

    Anil can u please tell me how to use normal gprs service in BB with docomo?

    • Anil

      I don;t know their APN so u need to get that from somewhere. Write that in APN field

  • Dhrutivb

    Anil can I have your email I’d I want your for my bb Gprs plan…

  • harsh

    its not working 4 my bb curve 8520… plz help

    • Anil

      It will work. I use 8520 as well. Tell me ur carrier name.

  • Ladhaharsh

    hii anil i have save the apn….. yet opera mini is not working….. please help… rply soon

    • Anil

      what’s ur carrier name and APN?

  • Transfusion

    Doesn’t work on new 7.1 OS

    • Anil

      Worked on OS 5.0


    I have a blackberry 8520 …… i just need whatsapp without the BIS nothing else…. will it work on wifi or GPRS … my service provider is mtnl 

    • Anil

      It may work

  • Priya Jain

    Can i use facebook for blackberry without BIS plan?? please reply

    • Anil


  • Abhishek_gpd

    Please send setting for postpaid CDMA reliance  BB  mobile ….

  • Vjkapoor1609

    can u please tell i have bb 8520
    will airtel net card of rs 98 work on tht to use internet.?
    airtel customer care is saying tht it wont work 

  • Satyam-Stm Singh

    hi Friends Can i use Internet Without BIS I am using Rel CDMA blackberry curve 8350

  • Amalali916

    Hi Anil 😀
    thxx for the Help :)
    when i Ping ed it was succesful but im not able to Browse using opera minin :s
    can u Help Me ?

    • Anil

      device reboot will do…

  • Amalali916

    and i am using airtel my first internet which costs only 25

  • Amalali916

    pleasee reply

  • Anil

    For those asking how to use Ping / check the internet connectivity:

  • Dipesh Punjabi2011

    Help me for tata do como

    • Anil

      I think you are in need of APN for Tata docomo. right?

  • Edyjeff55

    hi, i cannot use my bb 9810 to browse the internet. what can i do

    • Anil

      You will need Opera Mini for browsing.

  • Hotsexyyash15

    Hey year unable to ping ping is getting failed tell the setting which I have to change in ping z rly fst

  • Shadowkiller48

    can i get the link/website from where to download Opera Mini same version?#AnyOnePleaseReplyHere

    -Thank you !x

  • Shresthparakh

    Ty dude it’s working

  • Vaibhav

    Hello, need your help, i have done with rs 98 recharge. (idea).. can i access gtalk without having BBM service ? i tried to login.. but it says.. this service is not enabled on your handheld..
    please help me out from this…
    thank you and happy new year in advance!

    • Anil

      Nopes, As I mentioned in the post that you won’t be able to use Official BB apps.

  • vaibhav

    Oops.. forgot to tell you model no. am using blackberry curve 9300 

  • Jiju K Ninan

    hey. I have  a curve 8520 and a reliance gsm sim. I tried ur instructions,and they worked after i restart my phone. That is,after restarting it shows “EDGE”,and works. But the moment it becomes “edge” again due to network problems,it does’nt work. Any suggestions?

    • Anil

      If it becomes EDGE, that means your phone is having BIS connectivity. “edge” is for normal data packs.

  • Fraz Khan95

    is there any  blackberry pack required for this to work,,because it works only when i have my BBM plan activated

    • Anil


  • Tabreznazir

    Hi Anil,

    I am using Reliance CDMA blackberry curve 8350 can i use normal plan without using black berry Services

    • Anil

      Hi. You should definitely give it a try. Acc to me, it should work.

  • Amit rana

    hi anil…your trick worked but it only works for sometime in my bb 9780..every now and then i have to do battery pull to make it work… can u help me wd this?? thnks

    • Anil

      battery pull for whatsapp to work? Else, other things mentioned above will work normally like opera mini, ubertwitter, etc.

  • Vijaybaraskar9

    but i cant download any apps from appworld my appworld is open but when i download app then i seen a error : – cannot get new token due to device of offline state (error id : 40760)  i using vodafone internet plan so what i do sir pls help me 

    • Anil

      activate BIS for a day, download everything you want form appstore, deactivate BIS and continue enjoying on normal data plans :)

  • Lokesh Desai

    it is not working…
    i have uninor sim….

    • Anil

      then you have to type uninor apn.

  • tushar

    dude i got a bb 9650 with a postpaid mtnl connection.. n i really in need of whatsapp and facebook.. help me how to stay connected without BIS..

    • Anil

      That’s nearly not possible without BIS

  • john hathurah

    hi, how can i use bbm and world app without blackberry subscription.

  • Mitthu786

    opera mini ka link to do anil bro………….mai download kaha se karu

  • Mitthu786

    dear anil bro will NIMBUZZ work in normal gprs plan
    please let me know 

    • Anil

      Never tried Nimbuzz without BIS bro… :/

  • Arpit

    I am a tata docomo user, can i use normal internet on a blackberry with docomo connection? Coz i see settings of all other networks except docomo.

    • Anil

      Yes you can, all you need is docomo APN.

      • Raj Dhula

        could you please find and provide us the docomo APN…. :(

  • Kudduskhaniya

    in this plan fb messenger works?

    • Anil


  • Muhammad Uzair

    anil its same problem like ash 

    can u jst tell me from where and wch version of opera i should downlaod and install?

  • xyz

    it worked for me on airtel, i could use appworld, gmail, whatsapp and many more apps but accicently my phone was switched off for about 2 hours and then when i switched on i wasnt able to access them..not evn appworld…. could you plz plz help me…

    • Anil

      I think this was because of BIS service books. If you can keep the phone switch ON for a looooooooong time then follow the instructions:

      1. Enable BIS for a day.
      2. Do whatever you want to do for a day 😛
      3. deactivate BIS
      4. Enjoy normal data plans.

  • peter

    I can browse app world but can’t download opera mini (NO CACHED CREDENTIAL ERROR) appears. Then I downloaded on pc and tried to install on my curve 9320 but it says desktop manager software is required. So somehow i manage the desktop manager in my pc and again tried to install opera through app loader it say NO SPACE IN YOUR DEVICE even for 5kb wallpaper. Heard jar. file will work! so I downloaded opera in jar. and tried to install it but FAILED! So now, what is the cheapest BIS PLAN?

    • Anil

      I think your phone memory is full.

  • Piyush Bagree

    thanks dude!! wrkng on my phn :)

  • hari

    hey anil really neat work! but could you please give me guidelines to do this on a BB bold 9650 with an idea prepaid sim card?

    • Anil


  • Ayush Saxena

    will nimbuzz works on blackberry with normal data plans

    • Anil

      May be…

  • Mohd Afiq Sallehi

    hey there from im malaysian using 9220 curve, i follow the step that been shown..but still cannot access internet, im using diginet APN … so there other step that i miss? can somebody help me?? ASAP 

    • Anil

      for browsing you will have to use Opera Mini. preferable v4.4

  • Abdul rehman

    hi anil , I use etisalat,uae what should i type???

    • Anil

  • Raj Dhula

    hey Anil…can you please help out with TATA DOCOMO settings…its not available in Worldwide APN

    • Anil

      Found this somewhere on internet. Not sure if it’ll work or not.

      Try and let me know if it’s working or not.

  • ameer

    thanks for this help dear whats app is working properly thanks a lot it really works
    try it

  • manish

    Hi Anil sir i m using bb curve 9220 so pls tell me how i can use bbm without bis

    • Anil

      BBM cannot be used without BIS.

  • manish

    pls ans me

    • Anil

      What did u ask?

  • Anish Naik Banavliker

    yea its works on my bb torch 9800 also works airtel 14,25,46, and 98 rs plans 😛 thank you so much Anil

  • Mirza Arsalan Rafiq

    Sir i am trying to download whatss app on mobile and i am getting no cache credential error..i used opera to download it but its is redirecting me to the main BB browser which is not working..can u give me anywebsite from where i can download opera mini and whatsaap from pc fr my blackberry curve 9220 ..

    • Anil

      Yeah. Whatapp may or may not work…

  • mike

    hey dude would it work in small data pack recharges like the rs.17 3days pack

  • Aditya Darolia

    hey please help guys..i have been using BIS plan for 6-7 months and now shifted to gprs plan. Now whats app not working but internet working fine. So can anyone suggest any solution. I have downloaded whats app from app world.

  • amita

    m able to use whatsapp through this process but not able to use app world.
    it says unable to connect due to ph offline state.
    what do i do?? m using bb 8520 curve

  • amita

    plzz reply asap

  • yanarp

    how to get “edge” on the display

  • raunak

    what is the APN for Tata Docomo??

  • yan

    hi Anil……i did everything as u said and even checked the ping thing……everything is fine but internet is not working……please help

  • shailesh

    hello friends I am using loop network can u can ull give me solutio how to use bbm & whatsapp witout any bis paln or any lowset data plan thats work on BB 9220 mobile pls guys i need a help

  • vez

    Hi, I did followed every step and thought i got everything right because it worked for a few minutes (‘edge’ became ‘EDGE’, i was receiving Whatsapp messages..etc) but after not more than 5 minutes i had no more bars and it said SOS in red where my bars should be and ‘Manual Mode’ where ‘Airtel’ should be. So i went to options and changed manual mode to Automatic. Now it still does not work. Please tell me what i’m doing wrong. Thank you. (Blackberry Bold 9700 user) p.s. i saw your video on ‘how to ping google’ and noticed that your ‘Airtel’ in the Options–>Mobile Network–>Mobile Network is ‘Airtel’ where mine is ‘airtel’ (smaller case ‘a’) does it make any difference? it was originally ‘Vodafone In’

  • faizan khan

    “browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan. to browse web u must use wi-fi or contact ur service provider to change ur service plans ” this is what i get to see whenever i try to connect my internet.. i did as u said.. but this thing pops up. :(

  • ankit singh

    what is the APN of reliance ..?

  • ankit singh

    how can i use whats app with this plan …

  • Sumeet Bankar MrLonely

    hi anil i’m using bb curve 8520 n i use tata docomo mobile network I want to use internet on my bb but without using bis but I dnt know how to use it can u help reply

  • Sumeet Bankar MrLonely

    can u tel me apn for tata docomo i am waiting sir

  • Kartik Kalra

    hi anil ..thanx for your support but after enabling that APN settings i was suffering with the same problem .
    i have recharged with BBM service of rs 129 and a 2G net card of rs 26 . i am not enable to browse whatsapp or other blackberry internet browser . i have blackberry 8520. please help me out .

  • Kartik Kalra

    heyAnil i have blckberry 8520 .can we use internet with BBM service?
    i have recharged with vodafone 2G data card and then i have recharged with BBM plan of rs 129. but aftr activating that BBM service i cant use internet and my whatsapp is also not working .can u please help me out ?

  • Nitika

    hi anil,
    I have downloaded opera mini, data service is also ON, i have also pinged for and it was connected, but still i am not able to use internet, as it is showing check you service while opening opera mini. Please help.i am using BB 9220 with airtel.

  • upendra

    hi anil i have bb 9530 storm how can i use internet normal plan on my bb i have tata docomo connection plz provide full details about your trick for my help.

  • Nitika

    i m using blackberry 9220 and airtel for network.I entered the apn and all applications started working whats app and opera.But after sometime it stopped on its own.Then after restarting my phone it again starts working but stopped after a while.What should i do.please help!!!!

    • Akshit

      hey even i m having same problem if u get any solution then plz mail me or msg me


  • akanksha

    HEY..i hav blackberry curve 9300..n i hav bsnl connectn…plz tl me hw cn i use whatsapp wdout d BIS plan??

  • sam

    do we have to pay for this even after the expiry of the data plan?

  • ashvarya

    hey. i m recharged my ph. 98 rs internet but as u gave me the instruction as i have done. but my ph. is not acces the internet… we can do plz help me out….

  • Abdul

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for APN settings, i am using these settings since 3 years successfully!

    Just have a question, as BB has announced BBM for android. Will BBM work with these APN settings. Please advise when you get a chance…….

    Many Thanks – Abdul.

  • Akshit

    can this work with vodafone postpaid normal internet plan ??
    reply ASAP

  • Guest

    hey dose this works on vodafone postpaid mumbai
    normal internet plan?

  • akshit

    hey does this works on vodafone postpaid mumbai
    normal internet plan ?

  • Rony

    Thank u very much …ur the best man

  • amk

    thanx alot

  • Debasis Maity

    hi.without bis plan in my bb8520 ,vodafone ???

  • rakshit

    apn fr aircel

  • rishav

    i am tryng to dwnlod opera and whtsapp for my bb curve 9360 bt its always shows error how can i dwnld all this on siple net pack pls help

  • aman

    mine is 9220 curve
    done everything u told.. ping working fine! but when i restart my device.. the EDGE comes and internet works on opera.. but after a min it becomes edge.. and internet doesn’t works.. please help

  • APS


    Is there any way of using Gmail on BlackBerry without using the BIS plan?

    • guest

      download logic mail for gmail or yahooo etc

  • SpyKie

    It was really brief and helpful.
    Thanks a lot…

  • hb

    im unable to use whats app n i cant find bis in settings of whats app…what can i do for that..???

  • vinay

    hi anil i am user of bb9530 which does not have provision of WiFi, please suggesset how could be i download operamini for BB to run internet

  • Unknown

    Hi Anil,

    As BB has released BBM for android and Iphone, please let us know if theres any settings to key on my BlackBerry to use BBM along with APN settings…

    • tester

      You can activate both the plans…BBM and normal data plan it will work..

  • sai krishna

    I followed the above procedure but capital EDGE is being displayed for 5-10 minutes and net is working only for that short time,again i have to restart the mobile . I use airtel network. Please help me out

  • john

    Can i use
    normal idea gprs plan in blackberry 9220 for

  • shreya

    BB 9300 aint working :(

  • adwiston

    Hi anil,I have blackberry 9650…have the same problem with internet…have changed the apn settings to…but still its not wrking..pls help

  • Shreya Sethi

    hey! i just got a internet 2g recharge of vodafone, i own a bb8520 andeven after following all of the above steps cnt seem to connect to internet. Could you please tell me where i would be going wrong possibly. Thanks.

  • shivananda nayak


    i have BB 9220 and airtel connection apn

    When i restart my blackberry it shows EDGE in capital letters and my apps and whats app works but after 10-15 minutes it automatically changes to edge in small letters and my apps and whatsapp stop working. what to do??? and one thng BB Browser workng

  • Snedden

    Hi Anil,

    Just wanted to confirm, whether does whatsapp work on 129 BBM unlimited plan[30 days validity] for vodafone ?


  • Robin

    i have bb z10 . it’z work on bb os 10.2.1 i recharged my phone 100 rs. postpaid vodafone plan .how to i run normal net on my phone plzzz help me

  • DigitzzOne

    initially i was able to use airtel internet normal plan with whatsapp also but after some time it is not working. what could be the possible reasons??

  • Sandip

    Hi All,
    I am using BB 9900 and I have change the APN to www and Enabled the APN settings
    but still I am unable to use FB and all . I can able to brouse internet but not able to use any apps like FB , gtalk and all . So can you please help me ?

  • Samudrala

    Hii Anil Am having Blackberry Curve 9380, am subcribed normal internet plan as You told i did about TCP IP but am unble connect whatsapp in my phone what can i do pls help me Anillllllllllllllllllll

  • kripesh

    hi , m using blackberry 9800 torch , whenever i select APN setting enabled and deselect APN authentication the option for writing APN address does not work , and when i select both then only it works plz help

  • Sharad Singh

    Hi Anil hope you doing good !!!

    I want as how to use blackberry bold 9650 with vodafone delhi or airtel delhi network on normal GPRS packs.

    Actually i am using Vodafone Delhi postpaid connection in my Blackberry Bold 9650 verizon unlocked.. i am having normal GPRS pack activate on connection with vodafone live as well … I am able to use my opera mini, UC browser and whatsapp for few minutes say 15-20 minutes once i restart my device …. and post 20 minutes it stop working.

    Again it start working once device would restart again… have already changed my APN to WWW/portalnmms/

    Please check the issue and suggest me a possible way out to deal with.

    Many thanks !!! in Advance



  • Hitesh Parmar

    Nice Trick My Phone Perfect work……….

  • vijay

    we can use whatsapp in BISLITE plan ?

  • preeti

    Hi anil im using bbz3 im usin airtel intranet normal plan an my whtss app also working bt some days ago its not work an error is reboot ur ph bt I don’t knw how I reboot d ph I also many tme reset my ph plz help

  • rizwan

    But I’m not Downloading BlackBerry 8520 running Internet hai my sim Airtel

  • rizwan

    But I’m not Downloading BlackBerry 8520 running Internet hai my sim Airtel

  • rizwan

    But I’m not Downloading BlackBerry 8520 running Internet is my SIM Tata docomo

  • ani

    Hi anil im using 8530 cdma black berry curve can i also use as u mentioned.

  • raj

    hi, how to cancel my plan on blackberry9800

  • christina

    Anil my phone is giving me this message as you have written above.. that your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the browser on your device.. because of this I cant even download whatsapp, please help

  • harshad purohit

    Hi anil i am using BB 9930 Bold 4 did all the steps as mentioned but no luck.
    I am using idea network and did put internet in the APN.
    Also i am using a postpaid plan which has 98Rs 2GB pack
    Please help man…

  • Abhijeet

    hey im using bb 9300 pls send info abt yhow to ping n use internet without using BIS hey plzz mail mee soon at

  • Pankaj Yadav

    thank u ,,,,so much ,,its working ,,but my airtel internet works too slow,,,so plz help me